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Jack Russell pulls owner into bushes to find abandoned baby

A hero Jack Russell terrier managed to find a newborn girl abandoned in bushes. Macho tugged at his lead to pull his owner off the path and deep into the undergrowth in a park St Petersburg, Russia. The child, too weak to cry and suffering from hypothermia, was wrapped only in a T-shirt. ‘I felt […]

The Chow down challenge

To support the 130,000 dogs taken in by UK shelters every year, – the pet wellbeing startup – is launching The Chow Down Challenge, a nationwide social media craze that will see 250,000 healthy meals being fed to shelter dogs across the UK by the end of the summer.   The Chow Down Challenge   […]

Dog abandoned with 5kg of matted fur rescued by the RSPCA

These before and after pictures show the amazing transformation of a dog that was abandoned with matted fur which was so bad it was impossible to tell what breed she was. The badly neglected dog was found in Hale Lane, Failsworth, near Manchester, just after midnight on Tuesday, June 11th. A member of the public […]

Ninja Area volunteer Lincolnshire

Sadly we have to report that Ninja has passed away this week at the young age of 49.  Alison our Lincoln shire Co-ordinator has written a moving tribute to her. “Julia was one of life’s unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes for Doglost.  She was a modest person, never wanting recognition for the work […]

Fudge’s welcome home party.

Fudge was on a walk in Finseshades Wood, Corby in late May when she bolted.  Over the course of the next few days volunteers scoured the area but there was no sign of Fudge.  A lovely lady Isobel heard of Fudge’s plight & came across to the woods with her tracker dog Fin & they […]

Dog caught travelling with out a ticket at Banbury Railway station.

The staff at Banbury Railway Station got a surprise this morning when Lexi got off the train with no owner & they took to social media to find out who she was & why she was travelling alone! Volunteers from Doglost Oxfordshire were soon alerted & Area Volunteer Sarah set off to the station with […]

Marmite the dog was saved by vets after swallowing two whole kebabs

A dog was saved by vets after he swallowed two chicken kebabs with the wooden skewers still intact. Marmite the cocker spaniel ate the two kebabs behind his owner’s back. Unfortunately for the 11-year-old dog, he also swallowed the skewers and was soon in agony as they got stuck in his throat and stomach. His […]

Preston dog attack: Man arrested after woman dies.

A man has been arrested following the death of woman a week after she was attacked by a dog. Sharon Jennings, 55, was bitten on the hand and neck when she intervened in a fight between her pet and another dog in Brookfield, Preston, on 31 May. A 49-year-old man from Preston has been arrested […]

Woman dies after being bitten by dog while defending her own pet

A woman has died after being bitten by a dog who was attacking her pet. Sharon Jennings, 55, was walking her dog in Preston, Lancashire, when her dog got into a fight with another one on Friday May 31. Lancashire Constabulary said she was bitten on the hand and neck while trying to defend her […]

Loki and Pippen appeal by Scruffy little terrier.

Stolen Loki & Pippin ~ 17 April 2019, Kineton, Warwick Looking at photos of Loki and Pippin you can’t imagine how they would be fur-pals, as their comical difference in size would suggest that they just couldn’t conceivably be firm friends but they were, and they really loved each other’s company. Some would say, they […]

Police dog Finn’s law comes into force

A new law named after a police dog which recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent has come into effect. German shepherd Finn was stabbed and seriously hurt as he protected PC Dave Wardell from an attacker in 2016. Nicknamed “Finn’s Law”, the new legislation makes it harder for those who harm service animals to claim […]

Dogs mirror stress levels of their owners, study finds

Being stressed will cause your dog to suffer from anxiety too, a study has found. Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden examined how stress levels in dogs are influenced by lifestyle factors and the people they live with. The levels were recorded over several months by measuring the concentration of a stress hormone, cortisol, in […]

How to safely approach a dog you don’t know

It’s hard to see a cute dog walk past in the street without reaching out your hand to stroke it. But sometimes dogs don’t want the attention, as figures released today reveal that hospital admissions due to dog attack injuries have increased. A study by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) states there have been […]

The Sun features DogLost missing dogs

Thank you to the Sun newspaper for featuring 4 of our missing dog owners. Read more here… http://DOG HELL Inside Britain’s stolen dog epidemic where pets are forced into cruel puppy farms