Owners Account of Jack – Missing for 30 Hours

Jack and Chester are litter brothers but as different as chalk and cheese. They are Jack Russell/Border crosses so adventure and mischief are part of their character.

Chester is brilliant at recall but Jack is not so I decided to do some recall training on our walk at Pett Level, hence the long training lead.

Twice he came back but the third time he heard some dogs barking so just took off to investigate. He dived under a gate and into a building site.

I crawled under the gate but he was nowhere to be seen and he certainly wasn’t coming back to my call as he was having fun. I was extremely worried that the training rope would become tangled up and we would never get him back. 

My husband went home with Chester, contacted our children and grandchildren who immediately put Jack’s details on the internet which was a brilliant idea before rushing over to help in the search. We printed and distributed leaflets to houses in the immediate area, handed them out to everyone we met, tied them on to lamp posts, in car parks and before we knew it everyone in the area knew about him and were willing to look for him. We met so many lovely kind people. 

One couple on their way back from a party even spent two hours from midnight to 2am looking for him, they are animal lovers who would like to join DogLost.

In addition, the best thing our children did was to contact DogLost and within a few hours I met up with Bee and George who helped me to look for Jack. They gave me advice and some good tips on how to attract him back. One suggestion was to leave something personal of mine in the spot where he disappeared so I left my slippers. In the morning there was some recognisable dog poo next to my slippers so I knew he was still in the area.

Bee and George were even willing to camp out the next night and have a B.B.Q if we hadn’t found him. However before that they contacted Gregg from DroneSAR to help. He rang me and we met up at the spot where Jack ran off.

He flew the drone from a friend’s lawn next to the building site where Jack disappeared and the rest his history. (See the video). Gregg searched the surrounding fields, cliffs, shoreline, woods and eventually over the building site. The noise of the drone startled Jack and we saw him move on the screen.

The drone pilot’s son rolled under the gate and retrieved Jack. Needless to say he was delighted to see me and I was relieved to see him safe and sound. He had been missing for thirty hours. Only people who have lost their animal can know how it feels and I will be eternally grateful to DogLost and DroneSAR for their advice, concern, support and of course the happy ending.

You can view Jack’s DogLost timeline here.

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