Owner is reunited with six puppies stolen as she slept

This is the moment when six puppies who were snatched in the dead of night, were reunited with their mum and owner. The film shows six five-week-old Springer Spaniels huddled in a box, enthralled to be back home on the family farm in Dawlish, Devon, today. They were snatched on Monday night, along with a four-month-old puppy which is still missing, while owner Aimee Foster, 20, was fast asleep. Devastated shop assistant Aimee, immediately took to Facebook to launch an appeal for their safe return, offering a £3,000 bounty. Six days after they went missing, Aimee was reunited with the six young pups – even haggling to knock £500 off the promised reward. She said that she and her family received a phone call yesterday evening ‘from someone saying they had our puppies’. Aimee explained: ‘They insisted that it was the right puppies and they agreed to meet my dad at a service station in Somerset.

Reunted video available on link below.


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