Over 500 sausage dogs dressed in Christmas outfits gather in Hyde Park

There’s only one thing cuter than a sausage dog – a sausage dog in a Christmas outfit. And if you were in Hyde Park today, you might have seen an incredible 500 festive Dachshunds. If you weren’t lucky enough to spot them, don’t worry, we have the best Christmas canine outfits. The event is the latest in a series of monthly sausage dog walks.

Organiser Ana Rodriguez, 30, said: ‘We have a Christmas special or a Halloween special. ‘This one, we expect, is going to be the biggest. ‘It is a growing group.’ She added: ‘It is a good way to socialise the dogs with the same breed and to meet more dog owners. ‘They love to play with their own breed and I think it is really good for them.’ Thomas Brand, 32, who brought his dog Teddy, said: ‘We love how many people are here. Everyone seems really happy and Teddy really loves it.’ Let’s take a look at the best outfits.

See many more outfits and watch the video here…


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