Our latest DogLost LICKS award goes to…

…And the first Nationwide DogLost LICKS award goes to Debbie Matthews of vetsgetscanning. So many nominations but will use  DogLost South East co-ordinator and Police liason officer CJ’s

“After seeing so many great people getting their award I felt the need to nominate a lady who is local by being in our own homes every time we log onto her web site. Her passion to promote the scanning of dogs over the years since her own dogs were stolen is enthusiastic and determined .

She has never given up with her cause and is a constant reminder of why this is so important. A person with energy drive and passion I can think of no one more worthy to be recognised for her tireless work…. Debbie Matthews”

And not forgetitng  Debbies tireless leading role in SAMPA raising awareness of dogtheft.

Support Debbie by signing and sharing this petition…And make our country a safer place for our dogs…



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