Ninja Area volunteer Lincolnshire

Sadly we have to report that Ninja has passed away this week at the young age of 49.  Alison our Lincoln shire Co-ordinator has written a moving tribute to her.

“Julia was one of life’s unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes for Doglost.  She was a modest person, never wanting recognition for the work she did, her one and only aim was to capture the stray dogs and get them safely back home to their owners. Over the years she has passed her knowledge of tracking on to many of us and for that we will be eternally grateful.
Julia always made us laugh and never more so than the day she went out tracking with the tv remote in her pocket instead of her mobile phone.
Life without Julia will never be the same but we will carry on in her honour.
R.I.P Ninja”

Ninja helped with so many dogs here are just a few…

There are too many dogs to mention
Hope and her 7 new born puppies
Kerry and many many more.


  1. Jenny Longmuir 3 months ago

    Sincere condolences to Family and Friends on the loss of such a Wonderful Lady .May she still look down on you to guide the way ……..❤❤🌹

  2. Claire Chevin 3 months ago

    A truly lovely lady who treated everybody with great respect. Great memories of a wonderful lady whose sole aim was to help others get their missing pets back home. RIP x

  3. Phebe Cooper 3 months ago

    We will all miss her so much.

  4. Maxine 3 months ago

    May you meet lots of furry friends to keep you company over that Rainbow Bridge. RIP Ninja xx

  5. Kaz hines 3 months ago

    Such a lovely lady , I’ll never forget what u taught me when you helped in knaith park , such a sad loss to a dedicated lady off helping others be reunited with their pets , may you rest in peace ninja ..🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️

  6. Marie 3 months ago

    I love that you guys used the picture that I took of her/us. She was my best friend at school, and we spent a lot of time together out of school, also.
    Rest easy, Julia. 💜

  7. Marie Hufton 3 months ago

    I love that you guys used the picture that I took of her/us. She was my best friend at school, and we spent a lot of time together out of school, also.
    Rest easy, Julia. 💜

    1. Alison 3 months ago

      Used that photo because she looked so relaxed and happy. Glad you approve.

  8. Sheila Giddings 3 months ago

    I know I just retweet things but this is very sad. She looks a lovely lady & 49 is no age at all. You will obviously never forget her.xx

  9. Judith 3 months ago

    A unplaceable lady , whom I had the pleasure to
    meet, she travelled miles to help us
    Catch Auburn . Her life given to help catch dogs.RIP and bless you xx❣️

  10. Ray Dedicoat 3 months ago

    Well WHY take NINJA?.. I had the pleasure of her help and company whilst catching DORA reunited id number 60167 see what I thought of her!!!.. She was a carbon-copy of myself,ie working on my own, 100% concentration.. no one to ask to shut up,she would check outside before she spoke,and I what i found unbelievable she would only speak if it was really needed,, a quality seldom found. in fact she asked me to shut up a couple of times.. She would often ring me for my opinion on a few dogs the were on her HIT LIST. as mentioned earlier she was and will always be A LEGEND as with the animals she helped every one is different, and in a different situation. JULIA was that bit different but in a superb way..I used to check the FOUND DOGS reports and if NINJA was involved I could rest knowing she would catch it.. KEEP an eye on us from up above, A massive THANK YOU for all the people as well as the animals you have helped Regards to your family, what a loss but thats life…Ray xxx Dedicoat.

  11. patlucky 2 months ago

    They say only the GOOD die young.
    I think this is one of those people.
    Hope there are lots of dogs in heaven.xx

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