Neglected Staffordshire Bull Terrier so emaciated that every bone was poking out of her skin is found abandoned in a park

Shocking pictures show an abandoned dog so emaciated that she couldn’t stand up.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Ayma was discovered early on Friday morning in North Shields, Tyne and Wear.

Her skeletal body and protruding bones meant she was not able to get up and walk, and her skin was covered in fleas

She was treated at the vets and given much-needed food and fluids, but they could not save her life and she was put to sleep last night when her condition deteriorated.

The RSPCA are investigating the case.

Cathy Maddison, an inspector at the charity, said she was shocked that the neglected pup was still alive when she was found given the extent of her starvation.

Read more here…WARNING disturbing photos and video.




  1. Avatar
    nickyb 2 years ago

    there arent words to describe how i feel. there are far far too many dogs, cats, horses, rabbits being neglected, abused, left for dead, tortured, tormented, its really really alarming to know all of us live amongst the men women and children who do this

  2. Avatar
    patlucky 2 years ago

    In this life we don’t have to own a dog ~cat ~Horse.
    So why the hell do people have a dog .
    There is no respect for life.
    I just hope that what goes around comes around .

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