Mungle’s owner appeals for witnesses in Droitwich Spa.

Hi, thanks enormously for your help finding Mungle-he’s lying next to me
looking battered and bruised but my baby boy is still here. I really
can’t thank you enough. Between yourselves and Facebook people turned
out looking for him and found him alive and injured lying near the M5
and recovered him to a vets. I have no doubt without you guys he
wouldn’t still be here.

I’m also here to ask a massive favour. The man who caused the accident
is lying about it. Could you possibly put something up in your blog
about it as I need to find witnesses/dashcam footage to prove he’s lying
so his insurance will pay out. My own camera overwrote the footage while
I was running down the motorway trying to catch Mungle.
Below is the facebook appeal I’ve put out.

The driver of the vehicle that swerved into my rear nearside wheel and
span us refused to speak to us at the scene and is now lying about the
incident which means that his insurers are refusing to pay out. The CCTV
was facing the wrong way and didn’t pick anything up. Mungle has now
passed the limit of his insurance and may need more treatment and my car
is undriveable. There is at least 2 witnesses who were right behind us
when this happened who haven’t come forwards-one of which was driving an
HGV in lane 1 Anyone that has dashcam footage or witnessed the accident
on Friday 5th July at M5 junction 5 where Mungle was ejected from the


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