Moment scafolder saves dogs from hot car then confronts owner-video

I cant believe this! Not only are people still leaving dogs in hot cars…they insist its 2 seconds  only! when the sensible rescuer filmed himself helping the dogs and the video proves otherwise.

  • Scaffolder Danny Cruttwell spotted two dogs inside a hot car outside a shop
  • He opened the door and rescued one of the dogs and gave it some water 
  • Mr Cruttwell was removing the second dog when the owner approached him
  • The owner insisted she had only been inside the store for ‘two seconds’  

This is the moment a woman is confronted by a scaffolder who berated her for leaving two dogs in her car as temperatures soared past 90f.

Scaffolder Danny Cruttwell from Crawley, Sussex posted a video of two dogs stuck in a car parked in a car park of a supermarket.

Mr Cruttwell filmed what he was doing as evidence that the dogs were in distress. He gave a running commentary, and said the temperature according to his own car was 33c or 91f.

He said: ‘I was just doing my shopping.’ He pointed towards a car and continued, ‘there’s a little window open and a puppy inside, and a puppy inside. If I was a thief, I’d have had these. I checked the car door, and it opens. So, I’m going to get the little dog out.’

Watch the video here…


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