Mollie’s Little Adventure – Being Found Border-Style!

Grizzle Border Terriers, Mollie and her mum, Cracker live on a farm in Scotforth, Lancaster.

As working, farm dogs, they are not often on a lead and have free roam however, sometimes they have a tendency to run off hunting.

On the 27th October 2020, Millie disappeared from the farm on her own, her owner, Edwin Drinkwater believed that she would return her home soon as he said “They are usually back within 12 hours”.

However, on this occasion that was not the case, as days went by, Edwin became more and more concerned for Mollie’s welfare.

Mollie’s owner began searching the woodland and other surrounding areas but to no avail, leaving him disheartened on whether he’d ever see his little girl again.

Edwin decided he needed to change his approach so he followed the path of the river, accompanied by Cracker, in his last ditch attempt to find Mollie.

As Edwin continued to follow the river, as if by magic, he found Mollie; albeit stuck up a tree! He said, “It was a miracle, her mother (Cracker) started barking and there she was up a tree, we believe she had been up there for 24 hours.”

Following her ordeal, Mollie was exhausted and enjoyed some well-earned rest alongside Cracker (pictured below).

Both Border Terriers in front of the woodburner.

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