Model has her dog’s ashes stuffed into a replica teddy after giving him a full funeral

A model has had her beloved dog cremated and stuffed into a replica teddy, after giving the pup a full funeral. Daley South, 30, held a ceremony with 25 mourners, eulogies, recitals and a releasing of butterflies at sunset, before having Diavol’s ashes made into a stuffed canine clone. Diavol, a three-year-old wolfdog, died in a tragic accident at the start of July. ‘There was no question about having the funeral,’ says Daley, from Texas. ‘You would have one for a child or friend, so why not for a dog? My husband and I decided to have fur-children instead of human children. Diavol really was like my baby. When he was born we even had a “puppy shower” for him, with games and presents.’ Daley manged to find a company which speicalised in making bespoke stuffed effigies of deceased pets, using owners’ photos.

The funeral was held at Daley and Logan’s home in Austin, Texas (Collect/PA Real Life)

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