Missing Clooney’s owner meets the Queen.

Yesterday Clooney’s owner met the Queen and talked about the problem of pet theft….in her own words…

ell, who could guess that my journey to find you, Clooney, would take us to Buckingham Palace and the HUGE honour of being introduced to the Her Majesty, the Queen. 👑 What a day, what an honour and what a rare and crazy privilege!

We talked about the rising numbers of lost and stolen pets, about the need for scanning laws in order to identify them, the Halo scanner’s role and about your devastating loss.

She was charming, interested and unbelievably engaged in sharing little snippets of her own family’s experiences with pets. I’d share because it was very amusing but it’s not etiquette! 🤫 If it wasn’t for the photographic evidence, I might have thought it was a wishful thinking kind of imagining…. 💫

I have met some
quite wonderful and extraordinary people in the shadows of losing a precious, irreplaceable little Siamese who have irrepressibly lit up the path. Karen, you are so special and ridiculously influential – who knew?! 😘 Thank you so much. And Jayne#teamclooneypushycatdoll – nothing would be the same without your injection of crazy! 

None of our voiceless would be heard if it wasn’t for the collective efforts of all our friends and wider community on social media – it can be a powerful force for good and for change. So please, I urge you, sign the petition calling for the reclassification of pet theft. We can do this. Together.


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