How did the dogs get from their home to Sharons?

Sharon part of our Doglost social media team found these 2 missing dogs literally on her doorstep…They must have known where to go! Here is Sharon’s story…
The Ghost Dogs ~ Mia & Marcelus.
Apart from the sound of the bitterly cold wind in the early hours of this morning (04.30), all was quiet on our road.
  Danielle, my eldest daughter, and I always walk our dogs when there is nobody around.
We walked through the garden & the gate onto the street. Less than ten steps into our walk, Danielle looked behind us & was startled to see two large, lost looking dogs, stood next to our neighbours’ gate.
  I knew instantly who they were as I’d been tagged by Jan Lancashire in their Missing Poster & had shared it nationally & locally throughout the evening (after work).
  I called out “Mia!”, she turned to look at me then they both darted into the garden, out of sight.
Danielle quickly whisked off Angel & Skooby back into our house whilst I stood to guard the gateway. She returned with 2 leads & a handful of treats.
Armed with our torch we proceeded to look for the escapees, gently calling “Mia” & “Marcelus” to no avail.
Mike, our neighbour, has a caravan in his garden & we figured that they must have been laying low behind this as there was no other way out of his garden.
The dogs were contained (even though we couldn’t see them) we knew they couldn’t have got away.
  I took my mobile out of my pocket, to look up the contact number on their poster but couldn’t connect – OUT OF RANGE- it said!
Danielle’s turn to guard the gate as I quickly legged it back home so my phone could connect to our Wi-Fi, allowing me to retrieve the poster with their owners’ number on it.
  I introduced myself & told him “I have your dogs!”
He thanked me, asked me to text him my postcode & said ” I’m on my way, now”
Their owner is on his way…I panicked & thought, I need to make sure that his dogs were actually there. I ran back letting Danielle know that their Doglost poster states that the dogs are approachable.
  Walking down the side of his house, Mikes security light triggered which enabled us to spot the pair on the other side of the caravan, YES! it was such a relief to see them both.
  Crouching low, we tossed a few treats towards them, gaining Marcelus’s trust straight away but Mia was having none of it, she even barked at us a couple of times.
Five minutes later we heard a car engine with a strange whistle to it, turning off the dual carriageway onto our road.
Before Julius(the owner) had stopped & pulled up, Mia had recognized the cars’ engine sound & she bolted out of the garden heading straight towards the car & her Dad, yapping excitedly. He’d barely had the chance to open the door when she hopped straight onto the back seat, tail wagging.
  Marcelus needed a little more coaxing into the vehicle. I think he was holding back for the rest of our Gravy Bones. He then also hopped into the car with his sister, ready to return home to Mum.
Job Done!
  What an eventful morning. After having a little sleep I woke up and it all seems surreal now.
Truth is, we didn’t find Mia & Marcelus, they found us. We were just in the right place at the right time but so happy that we were able to reunite these beautiful looking dogs with their family & no harm had come to them.
  We have nick-named them the ‘Ghost Dogs’. as they had appeared from nowhere & remained evasive & quiet, hiding in the shadows.
I didn’t even think about taking photos, Jayne, sorry. x
This is their story though, of a safe & happy reunion. 🐾🐾
 And a lovely message from the owner..

Marcelus and Mia thank you so much – and so do we! thank you for finding our doggs and keeping an eye on them in the freezing cold night until they got to you! Lots of love from Ladybarn Rd xxxx

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