Meeting the Dorset crew!

Lovely to be invited down to meet Gina ( aka Poochpal) and her Dorset team for lunch today! And thank you Alison for taking the phones and running admin.

Centre is  Jenny4 and clockwise from the dog is me,Gnasher, Rachel Hayball, Poochpal…( by the way we accosted people in the beer garden for photos with dogs…so I assure you Poochpal was not laying claim to their drinks on the table!)

Also out of shot as he was taking the photos is Dennis the menace! Lots more photos to come…As a taster…look how much the Frenchie in the background wanted to be involved!…wait to see what happened next! awaiting photos…all I can say is the SW  Dorset crew were laughing so much they probably did not manage to take enough photos ….but the before during and after will say it all!

We had a lovely lunch and of course the conversation focused on dogs! And the new cards and posters which everyone loved! Well done Karen!

Gnasher turned up on her motorcycle ( 525cc) OMG! ..of course being as annoying as I am insisted on a photo!

More to come tomorrow!


And now have a photo with Graeme aka Dennis the menace…


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