Meet the canine contenders for World’s Ugliest Dog 2018

The world’s ugliest looking dogs will be gathering together this weekend to battle it out for the title of World’s Ugliest Dog. The annual contest will take place at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petluma, California, on Saturday (23 June), with the winner being awarded $1,500 (£1,132). They’ll also receive a tip to New York City for television appearances, as well as ‘a tonne of media attention’. (Sidenote: people often try to pay writers with ‘media attention’ and I can confirm that landlords don’t accept this as a valid form of payment.) Contestants include dogs with eye issues, bad fur and irregular body shapes – as well as a hell of a lot of sticking out tongues.


This year, canines will be judged in four categories – first impression, special or unusual attributes, personality, and audience impression. Past winners have come from states such as California, Arizona, Minnesota and Washington – here are some of this year’s potential winners

PIC BY SONOMA-MARIN FAIR / CATERS – (Pictured: Charlie) – Forget pampered pooches – later this week, these mangy mutts will battle it out to be crowned THE WORLDS UGLIEST DOG. The annual contest will take place at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petaluma, California, on Saturday, June 23, bringing in entrants from far and wide. So far, contestants include hounds with eye issues, bad fur, irregular body shapes – not to mention sticking-out tongues galore. The winner of the 30-year-old contents will receive a prize of 1500USD (1132GBP) as well as a tonne of media attention, including a trip to New York City for television appearances. – SEE CATERS COPY

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