Massive thank you to Lilly’s new owners

From Gina (Poochpal – South West Regional Co-ordinator)…

Lilly’s page has returned to public view thanks to her lovely new owners for being so kind by wanting her original owners to know that she is now happy, healthy and very much loved.

Lilly had been rehomed due to family illness and circumstances in 2015. Not long after she had been rehomed, they were told that she was missing, possibly stolen so coordinator, Jenny Wright (jenny4), registered her onto DogLost for them.

We don’t know where Lilly has been between then and 2018 when she came into the care of a charity and as chip details were out of date she was rehomed by the present owner who spotted her on the website.

Knowing the original owners would still be thinking of her we were contacted to ask if we could let them know she is fine and much loved. Photos have now been sent to the original owner who understands that it is in Lilly’s best interest to stay where she is although first reactions were naturally that she would have loved to see her one last time.

So, not reunited in the usual sense but no longer missing. Thank you again, wishing Lilly and her new family all the best for the future.

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    Jenny Wright , Doglost co- ord for West Hampshire 1 year ago

    Its great to have good news espicially of long time missing Pets .Well done to New Owners to search out Original Ones and thank you for updating them giving them closure on the happy home Lilly now has , it will be a great comfort…..Have a wonderful life Sweet Girl 💖💖xx

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