Man stunned to learn random dog he spotted online is actually related to his own pup

This week marked National Dog Day in the UK and to celebrate the occasion, people have been sharing photos of their four-legged friends online.

Paddy Logue, the digital editor of the Irish Times, was among those who uploaded pictures to social media, posting images of his adorable Pointer Cross, Fenton on Twitter.

The images were spotted by research assistant Connor O’Malley from Dublin, who couldn’t help but notice that Fenton looked a lot like his own cute pooch, Toby.

Connor tweeted photos of his dog to Paddy, writing: “Hi sorry I think our dogs are long lost brothers! This is Toby.”

The pair then struck up the most wholesome conversation.

Connor noticed that Fenton looked a lot like his dog, Toby (pictured) (Image: @coomalle /Twitter)

Paddy agreed that the dogs looked “very alike” before revealing that he had adopted Fenton from Dogs Trust Ireland back in April 2018, when he was just a puppy.

It then came to light that Toby had also been adopted from Dogs Trust Ireland, just one month later.

Was it a coincidence or was there something more to this?

Thankfully the experts over at Dogs Trust had the answer!

A spokesperson for Dogs Trust Ireland joined in with the canine conversation to share some very exciting news with the dog owners.

It turns out that Fenton and Toby look so alike for a good reason – they’re actually related.

In a post on their official Twitter account, the spokesperson said: “I’ve just checked our database and happy to let you know that Fenton and Toby are brothers.

“They are so alike (and so beautiful)! Lovely to virtually reunite the siblings on #NationalDogDay.”

The Twitter interaction quickly went viral, with many people loving the family reunion.

One person wrote: “This is the best thing that has happened in all of 2020.”

Another said: “I love everything about this story.”

A third commented: “What are the odds! Absolutely amazing – love this story. Thank you to @DogsTrust_IE and their impeccable database which has enabled the two brothers to be virtually reunited.”

“Awww. This is so lovely and sweet,” tweeted a fourth.

Someone else replied: “This is unreal.”

You can view the original article (by The Mirror) here.

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