Man has axe held to his throat when dognappers stole his puppy.

A terrified dog owner had an axe held up to his throat as three thugs raided his home for his American bulldog puppy. David Waters, 20, and partner Caitlyn Maley, 21, only had Cairo for two weeks, and had not even taken him for his first walk. The couple now fear the dognappers spotted Cairo, who is worth up to £5,000, on Instagram before turning up to their Glasgow home last night armed with an axe and Stanley knife. David answered the door believing it was his takeaway delivery, but the brutes stormed the house.

He said: ‘As I opened the door, the three of them came in with balaclavas on, and put an axe to my head, along with a Stanley knife. ‘They told me to get on the ground, they had the Stanley knife to my face and told me “don’t move”. ‘Then they went into the living room and grabbed Cairo and ran down the street, and turned left, and jumped into a car. ‘I had no power to do anything and had to watch him get taken off me. It was horrible.’

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