Mac the dog wears boots and goggles for his important job in the fire service

A brave Springer Spaniel has been trained to enter disaster zones with mercy crews and he even has his own uniform, including boots and goggles. Three-year-old Mac was trained by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to go into collapsed buildings to search for casualties. Although Mac and his companion, Diesel, also a Springer Spaniel, are based in Scotland, they can be sent on international rescue missions. Diesel is now ten years old, so the fire service wanted to train another dog to help.

Crew manager Gary Carroll, 48, said Mac’s agility allows him to enter unstable buildings without the risk of causing further damage – known as ‘secondary collapse’. Mac is trained to pick up the scent of a person breathing, as well as listening for shouts for help. Proud Gary said: ‘He can enter areas where there are a lot of rocks and slabs. ‘He can even enter unsteady buildings. ‘This is because of his weight – he doesn’t cause what we call a secondary collapse. ‘He can cover areas a lot safer than firefighters can and not disturb as much debris. ‘I went for this type of breed because of its size. If I have to lift him into an area, he is light.


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