Mabel reunited with her friend Frank…helped by volunteers.

In the words of ChrisM  N/W co-ordinator…

“SO This is how the story goes…..
Fiona Monger (Northwest Co-ordinator) joined up with Laura Finnegan (Leuys trapping team)
Both Bringing experienced people together to set up a team to find Mable.
6 Days of on/off searching, following up leads and Sightings. Using cameras, trap and Infared.
Frank is a little Shihtzu and Mables best friend so he was used to help from the start.
All through the 6 Days and Nights Frank was perfectly behaved. Very Quiet and friendly.
On day 6 the Team received 2 sightings and we very quickly followed it up.
MABLE was on a Small Holding. The owner sat/led on the floor for an hour. Mable wasn’t Interested.
Now was the time to bring in the Heavies. In comes little Frank.
Their eyes met and Mable recognised him.
We are all stood well away blocking the Entrance to the small Holding. All ready incase she bolts.
Laura has the Owner on Face Time so we are all waiting and watching so we can be ready if needed.
Our mouths drop. Both dogs are Neutered I will add. So we are now stood watching Frank and Mable finish being XXXX Rated.  Mable then recognised her Mummy lol.
I will finish with the Moral to the story.
Fantastic team work and Mabels vet check went well “
N/W co-ordinator.
Follow Mabel’s Doglost timeline here ( also a link to her FB page for updates!)


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    Wendy Liptrot 2 years ago

    Fantastic Work in bringing Mable Back safely after 6 Long Days of being missing ! A huge Welldone and truly Heartfelt !

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    Amanda topping 2 years ago

    U are absolutely an amazing team, this story had me on my toes, driving my ambulance constantly looking out for Mable , new in my heart if anyone would find her dogs lost would, well done to u all, once again u are amazing 🐾🐾🐾🐾

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    Janet clarke 2 years ago

    Aww what a lovely story watched it all from start to end over welmed when maple was found so happy for amie and all her family and great work to everyone invoved xx

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