Lost dog in Cornwall: Freddie goes missing at Holywell Bay

A daughter has launched a desperate appeal for help on behalf of her parents after they were forced to return home without their beloved dog.

Jess Cohan’s family was on holiday in Cornwall when their golden retriever Freddie went missing.

Between them they have spent more than ten days organising searches with the local community and setting up a Facebook group to help find Freddie, which now has over 1,300 members.

But, they have had to return home to Yorkshire without their pet and are now hoping the people of Cornwall will help find him.

Freddie was out walking at the north end of Holywell Bay with Jess’s parents and their other retriever, Bella, at the start of the month (October 2).

The tide was all the way out, so they were down near Holywell cave.

At about 1.30pm Freddie, out of nowhere, suddenly took off at top speed and managed to scale the cliffs up onto the Kelseys.

Falmouth Packet:

Freddie has been missing almost two weeks

Jess said: “We believe he may have caught the scent of sheep that were up there, though they were not visible from the beach.

“My parents followed in close pursuit, but by the time they managed to climb their way up – about ten minutes behind – Freddie had vanished without a trace.”

They searched for five hours in the wind and rain, but eventually had to give up when it started getting dark.

Jess’s mum created a Facebook post in a group for lost dogs in Cornwall, which was picked up by DogLost Cornwall.

The organisation has been supporting the family since.

Jess’s parents extended their stay for several nights but had to return home to Yorkshire on Monday. Jess then drove down from Yorkshire the same day, and has been here the last week, postering appeals and searching.

“I am just trying to raise awareness as much as possible, because I can’t stay here forever,” added Jess.

Anyone sees Freddie can contact Jess by emailing jesscohan@outlook.com or calling 07925 253007.

You can view the original article (by the Falmouth Packet) here.

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