Lost Dog Advice

If you haven’t already, please register your dog as lost here first.

We are sorry to hear that your dog is missing.

Now that you have registered him/her an e-mail alert will be sent out to all our members within a 10 mile radius. Local volunteers will be on hand to offer advice and support

Beware of scammers

Dog Owners who have missing or stolen dogs are being contacted by callers saying that they have their dog …. chances are they don’t.

  • Do not transfer money.
  • Do not respond to text requests for money.
  • Do not go and meet these people with cash.
  • Ask them to send you a photo of your dog with something showing the date. (check it isn’t the photo you have used on social media).

What should I do now?

Contact your Microchip Company to register your dog as missing / stolen and make sure they have up to date contact details for you.

Make local dog wardens aware

Make local vets aware.

Please join and share your dog’s link to your local DogLost Group on Facebook to liaise with more people able to help. It will also be Tweeted to our 45k Twitter audience and appear on our national Facebook Group.

It is recommended that you update your dog’s DogLost page with any key information so that everyone remains engaged. Please also remember to check back on your dog’s Doglost page regularly for messages and updates.

What to do if your dog was stolen

If your dog has been stolen, please report to the police and then send the crime reference  number (CRN) to stolen@doglost.co.uk and one of our police liaison team will be in touch.