Loki and Pippen appeal by Scruffy little terrier.

Stolen Loki & Pippin ~ 17 April 2019, Kineton, Warwick

Looking at photos of Loki and Pippin you can’t imagine how they would be fur-pals, as their comical difference in size would suggest that they just couldn’t conceivably be firm friends but they were, and they really loved each other’s company. Some would say, they were the best of pals but that accolade was rightly given to their owner, Iszy Martin.

Iszy has had Loki, a blue Weimaraner, born on 10 January 2018 and Pippin, a chocolate and tan Dachshund born on 5 September 2017, since they were tiny pups. Now, in their teen months, they were just beginning to show their loving and adventurous personalities. She loves them unconditionally and they love her just the same.

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