Lifestage dog food product review.

Lifestage dog food, is a dry food either supplement or whole diet feed.
At the rescue we have been trialling this brand for 6 month’s with some excellent results.
A grain free diet which is a jollyes own brand, has proved it’s worth even on dog’s with sensitive tummies.
The brand comes in many formulas from puppy to adult and senior, the aafco label clearly shows the nutrional information and dietary needs and weights a dog needs.
I was pleased that the sugar content is natural by the way of molasses.
This brand may be a welcome addition to other rescues and dog kennels for future use.
Included are a few pictures of the dogs in our care fed solely on lifestage.
And the good news an average serving costs 21p!


  1. John 1 year ago

    We use this food on our dogs
    It’s a great feed and our dogs love it

  2. Martin Harms 1 year ago

    Wayne does a good job all year round rescuing animals and getting animal feed supplied to him so he can keep his good work up well done Wayne

  3. Jimmi smith 1 year ago

    Im using lifstage now on my saluki cross rescue dog.

  4. Dog owner 12 months ago

    Changed to this brand two weeks do not buy it! Dog has to get showered every time it goes out for a poo

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