Libby home after 2 years.

From our local co ordinator Maxine…
“A French bulldog was found straying in Bishop Auckland on 6th September, it was taken to vets to be checked for a chip. Chip info was not up to date. The finder, not wanting the dog to go into kennels took the dog home until owner could be found.
I was tagged in a facebook post by Gill Lennox, one of our volunteers in the North East & I listed the dog on the ‘found’ section of Doglost website.(148212)
I made enqs with vets & made sure dog warden was aware (by law if not chipped/info not up to date, this should be done) & then began to search our database. I noticed that one of out helpers ‘Joan’ had already made a possible match with a missing/stolen dog, Libby (113868). I rang Libby’s owner Sue & asked her to check the photo & make enquiries with vet where dog had been scanned, to verify chip number. It turns out this was her missing dog Libby, who had been missing presumed stolen 2 years & 5 months ago.
 Libby was reunited with the family last night & after an initial sniff around the house, ran to Sue & gave her big kisses. “
Follow Libby’s doglost timeline here…

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