Knee surgery gives new life to former street dog

A dog rescued from Greece after being involved in a car accident when he was just days old has been given a new lease of life at a County Durham animal hospital.

Rocco was taken to a vet in Athens for treatment by Christine Innes and Bruce Schlaitzer, who were living in the country at the time.

The cross-breed, born to a feral mother on the city’s streets, survived but was left with a badly damaged hind leg.

His new owners later returned to Shotley Bridge, and after he became increasingly lame took him to Wear Referrals in Bradbury, County Durham.

Specialists carried out a ground-breaking knee-replacement surgery, meaning he is now able to run normally.

Christine Innes said: “He’s an absolutely wonderful dog, a real character and we’re so happy at how he has improved since the operation.

“He’s like a new dog.”

She added: “He’s certainly come a long way in life.

“My mother summed it up when she said that Rocco was born on the streets but ended up at The Ritz!”

You can view the original article (by BBC News) here.

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