Kim Kardashian spends £10,000 on fake testicles to keep her castrated dog’s spirits up

Kim Kardashian has dropped £10,000 on her latest purchase, a set of testicles for her dog. While designer vaginas are one thing, designer testicles are another, and Kim has bought a pair and given them to her dog. The reality star isn’t a fan of big balls on dogs it would seem, so she had her boxer Rocky neutered, then replaced his gonads. She reportedly dropped £10,000 on the ‘fake testicles’ for Rocky, called Neuticles, according to the New York Times. Kim had previously said: ‘I don’t like big balls on dogs,’ which was her motivation for finding smaller alternatives.

But, as creator of the Neuticles, Gregg Miller, said, it’s all about the pooch’s dignity, rather than leaving the dog to go without balls all together. Miller revealed his creations are intended for: ‘Everyday pet owners who opt for them so their pet will maintain its dignity and self-esteem. ‘Some have their dog turned into a eunuch because they don’t care,’ he said. ‘But there’s a certain segment of pet owners that do care and that’s where Neuticles come in.’

Kim Kardashian collecting her dog Rocky from a grooming salon in West Hollywood, LA Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 25 Apr 2010 Credit: WENN


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