Kent police and DogLost working together.

I am really excited to give you this update from CJ our police co-ordinator after her last meeting with Kent police and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Kent police co-ordinators CJ,Wayne and Sherlock Bones for the many years of liasing with police to get to this ground breaking  initiative….in her own words…


“Photos from last week in sandwich where Kent police carried out road speed checks outside a primary school . They used the opportunity to speak to lots of parents with dogs inform them about doglost and scanned dogs to check they were chipped . Very positive response to discussions on doglost and Kent police working together .

Later in week photos show scanning dogs in the street in sandwich . Advice given regarding safeguarding dogs and doglost website plus explaining the Halo scanner and how it works .

Photo shows Fraser MacCallum S/CH/INSP scanning dogs. Hopefully when dog owners see they are scanning dogs they take it as a positive start to check dogs and combat dog theft and he will be encouraging all his officers to scan dogs when possible.

Plus great news – there should be an announcement soon about a new team in March part of a new initiative the setting up of a dog theft team which has now been given full approval 
More details next month and I cannot wait to be able to tell more !!.

This will be a first for ANY police force in UK and I am extremely excited by this as a positive step to combat dog theft -Kent Police working closely with doglost.

I must say at last meeting held it was so nice to talk with so many officers all eager to combat dog theft and looking forward to this new project.

Leading this will be Fraser MacCallum and PC Martyn Tulk (Hdip PDI Rural Officer | Community Policing Team) who both have such a fiery passion to make this work !!”

CJ Police Liaison Coordinator


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