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    CJ 3 years ago

    So easily done, enjoying a walk with your pet running free enjoying the views, but as mentioned we hear of far too many cases now.

    Please enjoy your walk but keep dogs on a lead, even the most obedient dogs can get excited by something they see and rush to look- not often realising how close to the edge they are!!

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    Jenny 3 years ago

    I do wish Owners would keep their dogs on leads, today a puppy has died because of the Owners. He was 4 months old!!Went over a cliff……Yes we all love our dogs having a good run, but not on the cliffs , how many more have to die and how many more People have to go and save the dogs on ledges?They too put their own lives in danger. Yes they chase rabbits, goats etc, on the cliffs, the other animals know to swerve , dogs dont .Rant over but please keep your pets on lead

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