Jaynes’s weekly journal.

A catch up on the week. I know each week I say what a week….But it certainly has been this week!

Wonderful rescue by Scott and others of Cash and Lilah stuck in a dangerous place on the mountain…and amazing coverage in the media…even hit as far as Brazil and China!

Pup our rescue dog usually has an update by fosterers every Tuesday but Pup is on holiday this week in Devon…am sure we will have some great photos next week of his first time at the seaside.

Dr Dan’s petition has now been signed by over 27,000…if not signed yet please do so and share…



Interesting to see the Google Analytics for DogLost for last year…nearly 11 million page views on the website alone! And guess what 87% of us are women!

Huge thanks to Karen our area co-ordinator for West London for the amazing graphics she has produced to go out to our  DogLost LICKS partners….below are examples of one….If you have not received yours yet …LICKS  awardees …please email admin@doglost.co.uk.  You can  put your certificate/ Rossette anywhere you like….You can print it, ,frame it,hang it on the wall …or put on your website/FB page….We are proud to be associated with you!

Many more LICKS awards to follow…awaiting photographs! Then they will be on site!

Speak soon….


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