jaynes journal

WOW! Some good news coming soon! A dog warden has just called after checking our data base and found a visual match  for a dog stolen in January…..She asked if we had the chip number…which we did have on record…..We  checked digit by digit…when we came to the 7th digit (out of a possible15/16) and they were matching we both became very excited….by the 1oth digit…..even more so….by the 11th digit…you can imagine!……She then said the last 4…and a match!    It was like winning the lottery! I dont know if she squealed more than me!  Passed onto local co-ordinator so she could make the phone call to owner with the good news…..

Well done to our admin team for the long hours they put into run a database…that works!

Cannot say more until owner has that call from our local co-ordinator!

Watch this space!



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