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Well after the last few days some very good news! After coping with the backlog caused by photos not going on site…had a call from a long term helper Paddy  at 5pm yesterday to add missing Splash to our site…Already there were scores of people out looking…as photo supplied we were able to send alerts out to local helpers within 3 miles….Was amazed to see 333 dog lovers had registered to receive alerts in this small area…and more amazed to see how quickly the share button was pressed to FB….over 700 times  last night ( bear in mind  EACH share from site  to helpers FB pages generates and audience of on average 300 more!)  And the Twitters went viral…as indeed the page views! ( probably a record for doglost!) So huge thanks to everyone for sharing!

In the end it was the owner Chantelle that found Splash by using her whistle early this morning. We are awaiting reunited photos from Chantelle…and as Chantelle ( a well respected dog trainer) would like to say….it was her Dad that lost him!  See more here….




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