jaynes journal

Gosh with everything else going on have just been reminded its that time of the year…just one week left to do the accounts by  hand… otherwise it has to be done on line…which as anyone who knows me is  not going to happen anytime soon…being a bit of a technophobe!

Speaking of which I must remember to check who I am sending emails to….a few days ago I got 3 stroppy emails from someone asking to be deleted and to remove their dog from our system…and that he had requested this before….of course no details of dog ID or name attached…so forwarded to Sandie who knows the admin side of things better than I do…with simple instructions asking her if she could zap Mr Grumpy’s account   ….( that was not his name)…to my horror I sent it to him instead!

Oh and earlier this week got up in the morning filled the kettle put it on the gas hob and went to feed the cat…came back in to find the kettle on fire…It was an electric kettle!   But one designed to look like a traditional metal kettle….

Oh dear…what else can happen this week?  well apart from being invaded by coat hangers! Dont ask thats another story!!!



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