Jayne’s journal

Another busy week!  So many great reunited dogs and we are awaiting photos for another  DogLost LICKS awardee in the Manchester area.

Well done to the North West DogLost team for collaborating with local groups, dog wardens and rescues to enhance the chances of dogs being reunited (and cats!…   increasing weekly)

Huge apologies to people who access the site via mobile devices… we had scheduled in 2 days with our developer this month ( 16 hours work) to make the site mobile friendly…  this may take a few days so bear with us as its quite a complex job….  but am sure it will be worth the wait….  The main site on laptops is not effected at all by this…  Sorry was not given notice of when this would be happening…

Called in a Computer expert yesterday and now have a functioning printer…at long last!

This means I can now (after arrival of cardboard boxes and envelopes) start to send out the new cards and posters to people ready for the show season with out having to traipse to the post office with heavy boxes….   I can now print out Hermes delivery tabs and have them collected…  and free up the hallway!…   and save money!

So please email me with full address for literature and cards. admin@doglost.co.uk (please put subject as info packs)

For personal use we are sending out A4 envelopes with 10 x A4posters (for local vets, groomers etc) 20 xA5 info sheets and 50 DogLost cards.  (fits through your letterbox)

If you have a show/event coming up we can send you a box with FAR more in….  ie 5KG…. Due to the high cost of printing and sending only DogLost co-ordinators and volunteers will be sent boxes….

but anyone is more than welcome to apply for a personal pack to help spread the word….. Yes do accost other dog owners please…  spread the word…   and get your local Vets, groomers etc to display.

Thank you again to Karen (London co-ordinator) for the fabulous new logo and literature!  Which I am sure you have noticed is now appearing on the blog and website…..

feedback so far from everyone has been they love it! (as indeed I do!)

You can see from the header photo taken at HQ last year (on the wall behind me) I was toying with the idea of a solid image rather than a dotted line for a missing dog…  (so hard to reproduce on posters and polo shirts)…   then Karen with her background as a graphic designer just produced this new logo that …   nailed it! (I was so excited….so very excited….) that my email to Karen probably sounded like gibberish… Karen’s response…  and rightly so…  was Jayne BREATHE!

And in time the whole DogLost site will (including posters)  reflect this new image…   Don’t worry! its in Karens capable hands! And I am still breathing!




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