Jayne’s Journal.

Firstly welcome to new social media Helper for South Wales…Buddy!

Congratulations to Dog squad Milton Keynes on their well deserved DogLost LICKS award.

Attended a wordpress meeting in Cardiff on Tuesday as they had a speaker talking about GDPR the new regulations for data coming in on the 25th April….Just a few points that need to be addressed so working on that this week to make sure we are all up to date.

Must remember to change my answerphone message back as this week I asked people to speak slowly and clearly…meaning the telephone number…as so many people speed up and its almost impossible to write down so you end up replaying the message loads of time to try and get the number correct.

The first message from a well known DogLost  helper went like this….Hel….lo…Jay…ne (imagine a seconds gap between each syllable!) this went on for minutes…I was rolling around laughing the first time! But have had the same thing happen all week…deliberately by some co-ordinators!  So am rushing to answer the phone before the message kicks in….

We have some more projects we are getting started soon so will update as and when more is known.

Lovely to Know Angel is safely back this afternoon…many of us were very worried about her….hit by a car over a week ago in Cowbridge…read the  DogLost timeline here…





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