Jaynes Journal.

Well what fantastic news to wake upto day that Morse is back home!  A lot of happy people but none as happy as his  young owner!  Thank you owner for the lovely photos which can be viewed on Morse’s tile….within 1 hour of the news over 2,000  extra page views on Doglost…which shows how many people were wating for the good news!

I like most of my co-ordinators I have spoken to this week have been hit by colds…but seem to be over the worst now.

My biggest bug bear this week is the amount of spam comments on the blog…now upto around 65  per day…so apologies newbies who may have to wait to have new comments approved ( but after the first they will go on automatically)…we are having to check all new posters as if we let one through who is a spammer our site will get innundated with posts about Viagra etc….Which  none of us want.

Exciting things in the pipeline this year…watch this space.


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