Jaynes Journal.

At last an update from admin! Sorry for delay but its been very busy with  dogs over the festive season.

46 missing dogs in on 1st January alone!  40 the day before!

Normally its busy with 20 dogs a day!…But when it reaches 46 then I am still literally in my dressing gown all day as no time to get dressed!….all meals taken in front of the lap top…and dare not look in a mirror!

Then you get the postman ringing the doorbell in the afternoon…and he gives you this look as if to say …”its all right for some”…I maintain what dignity I have (not easy with unbrushed hair,no make up and wearing a dressing gown at 3pm!)…and resist the urge to say I have actually been “on duty” for 8 hours and have another 8 hours to go…Because somehow I dont think he will take me seriously….and usually the phone rings again…

However speaking to some of Doglost co-ordinators over the festive season…I have heard them time and time again say gosh I am still in my dressing gown! So I am not alone!

Also behind the scenes we are dealing with a lot of issues every week involving the police re missing dogs… and as such cannot publicise…

So a huge thank you to all the team for helping all the dogs!  You are all stars!


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