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Why do I have a photo of a shop as tile header?  Its a local shop that at the moment is printing some sample t -shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces for us…due to collect today/tomorrow and will be wearing one each day so you can see what you think of them…

Yesterday we had the best blog views ever and can see a nice upward graph pattern developing….Which will grow rapidly when we  publicise it.

Many of our coordinators may have had a surprise yesterday with our first newsletter appearing in your inbox…If you did not receive please email admin so we can update….and send to you before we start sending out to our helpers.

We intend to make this a regular feature to keep members up to date with whats happening in our community….There is lots more to come….

Also dont forget to   watch lost and found on channel 4 which today features missing Bulldog Sky…Will do update after I have watched the programme…



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