Jaynes Journal.

Need I say more?   Gearing up for Wales V New Zealand this afternoon. …Scotland almost won last week so we need to show the All Blacks some Welsh spirit now….Bring out the dragons!!!

This week we had some sad news about Glynafon passing away…Thank you everyone for your kind comments the family really appreciate your tributes to a wonderful lady….read more here…


We will be introducing some more tiles to the blog this week including  dog warden stars and other local lost and found groups that work with us….and have a meeting on Monday with a boarding kennels and dog walking service who can advise on security….questions you should ask from potential walkers/boarders to ensure the safety of your dog whilst in their care.

Now I know someone is going to ask how I am getting on with my selfie camera….still struggling LOL! Though hopefully I will work it out soon….so had to rope my niece in for todays  photo…




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