Izzy’s story appeared in Pets Mag today

Izzy has been missing for 4 years. Thank you Pets Mag for featuring her.


Loving and family oriented Cockapoo Izzy was living a perfect life with her family in Radcliffe, Manchester; mum Dawn, dad Ian and her two young human sisters, Lauren and Eve. She doted on them all but specifically loved cuddling up with Dawn or following Ian around the house like his shadow.

Sadly on February 16th 2015, some contractors working on house renovations let themselves into Izzy’s house a day early with the aim to help the family get the job done quicker, however Izzy was very timid around new people and was spooked by them entering the house without her parents there. She slipped out through the front door into the garden at which point the house alarm sounded which scared her even more and she bolted.

It only took 10 minutes, from the time the contractors entered the house to the time Ian arrived home for Izzy to disappear and her family’s nightmare to begin.

The family firmly believe that Izzy wasn’t involved in an accident as they alerted the highway agencies and National rail immediately and there were no reported incidents and Dawn checked daily for months.

They do however believe that Izzy was found and kept or found, kept and sold on.

Whilst this week marks a painful anniversary for the family, they are aware that dogs have been lost and reunited with their owners five or six years later so they hold out hope that they may be reunited with Izzy one day.

Izzy would now be 10 years old and Dawn is pleading with anyone who has Izzy, just to let her know she is okay and let her come home to her family but if the worst did happen in those initial few days, they want to know that too. The not knowing is very difficult for Izzy’s entire family, especially her younger family members who don’t understand how she could just vanish and no one knows anything.

Izzy is microchipped, spayed and was wearing a pink collar when she disappeared.

She also has a light brown-pink nose.

If you have any information on Izzy, please call DogLost on 0844 800 3220 quoting dog ID 82954


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  1. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Thank you Pets Magazine for raising awareness of long term missing dogs…Paragraph 6 sums it up…And hopefully by the end of today…we are going to reunite another stolen dog from 6 and a half years ago!!!! Through the DogLost database…Thank you to the vets who contacted us…Thank you to our wonderful unpaid volunteers who maintain the database…And our intrepid ladies who tracked owner down as she had moved house since!

    …Watch this space…

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