Is yours a cute commute? Dogs and public transport in UK

More and more workplaces are ending canine segregation and allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. But does your furry friend have a ticket to ride?

Did you know that your dogs on the train – “maximum two per passenger”? The possibilities are endless, especially if your workplace has a bring-your-dog-to-work policy, as many do these days. More specifically, you can take the pain out of work AND the commute by taking your two best friends with you. And if they’re very good boys, you’ll be the most popular salaryperson on the train!

Yes, dogs are welcome on the UK’s trains for free, although they need to buy a ticket like anyone else if they’re planning on having a seat to themselves.

You can even take your dog on the Tube, as long as you can carry him down the escalator. Travel For London doesn’t permit dogs (except pre-approved assistance dogs) on moving stairways in case their little paws get trapped. Of course, lifting them up also means they can check out all the dogs coming up in the opposite direction, too.It’s important to keep your dog on a lead or in a carrier when travelling by rail, and dog companions should also be aware of other passengers – not all of whom may yet be aware of the brilliance of dog. If your hound is likely to be distressed by the experience, it’s likely not a good idea for him or your fellow commuters.

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