Is this the smiliest dog in the world?

A dog dubbed the smiliest in the world because of his big cheesy grin is such a hit that he gets stopped for selfies every time he goes for a walk.

Twenty month old Seb has won an army of admirers  for his gorgeous grin as he smirks away dozens of times a day.

The pedigree Shiba Inu’s owner gets regular requests for her pet to get pictures with fans in his hometown of Crumlin, Caerphilly, South Wales.

Elin Gould, 20, a wedding planner, first noticed her happy hound’s smile when he was just five months old.

Every time I see him smiling I quickly get my phone to take a picture, I have hundreds.

‘He is just a really happy dog, I have never seen another dog who smiles as much as he does. You can tell he just really loves life.

‘At the moment the thing that makes him the happiest is licking people, going for walks and running around the garden.

‘He also smiles loads if you scratch his ears for him and if you stop he gives you this look like ‘come on, tickle me again’.

Ms Gould brought home Seb when he was just two months old

Seb smiles dozens of times a day

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