Is this a Nellie Doodles sketch?

Yes it is!   Thanks  to  Kent co-ordinator BB451 We have permission to use…more exciting news is that a limited signed edition print has been donated to the DogLost Facebook auction page!

If you were wondering what to get the friend with everything…maybe the print below would be the perfect present…To see more of Nellies Doodles  whilst they are in the process of putting their products on the DogLost shop…here is the link …



  1. CJ 6 days ago

    Great news and well done to BB451. Be a great present on the auction page!!

  2. Carolyn Savage 6 days ago

    So pleased to help.
    Carolyn wrapper and packer to Nellie Doodles

    1. Jayne 6 days ago

      How kind of you! Tx….great interest on the auction page!

  3. Blogmod 6 days ago

    Carolyn, it is Just lovely! I think it will attract a lot of interest – Nellie Doodles is something quite special and this is so kind Thank you!

  4. Maggie 5 days ago

    Thank you so much Carolyn, its beautiful x

  5. Jayne 5 days ago

    Just heard the bidding has reached £30 for the limited signed edition A4 print….Tx

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