Introducing Blue the rescue dog partly sponsored by DogLost to be a Police dog

Blue is only 8 month’s old, had two home’s and already been a resident at another rescue, blue now lives with us in a temporary foster home.
This is a transition period before he goes to a police force, to be trained fully for police work, it is believed that blue may be the first ever rescue, to find an active role as a working dog, unfortunately we cannot name the particular force at the moment, due to there possible own PR release.
This is great news for blue, guaranteeing him a permanent home.
We look forward to keeping you all updated on his progress, and finally his hand over to the relevant force.
Blue will initially stay in foster care, firstly to gain a bit of weight, and to learn basic training, the training will be kept simple to help his future police training, we expect to have Blue for 12 to 24 weeks.
Blue is being partly sponsored by Doglost UK, who have already paid for his microchip, vaccination and first grooming session.
Already blue is integrating with other dogs, and has been introduced to swimming and children.
We glad to report he is making steady progress, there are still a few minor faults that correct training will resolve.
A paypal fund has been set up especially for Blue, which you are welcome to donate to. Surplus fund’s will be redirected to other rescue dog’s we have in foster care, once blue is handed over to the police.
All funds will be meticoulsy recorded.
If you want to meet Blue, please get in touch and join us on a walk, or just to have a play in the garden.


wayne may
artisan rare breeds and animal rescue
doglost uk / S.A.M.P.A representative


  1. Avatar
    Matthew Potter 2 years ago

    Well done dog lost. Excellent news.

  2. Avatar
    Martin 2 years ago

    Well done Wayne you do a good job mate

  3. Avatar
    Jane Frankland 2 years ago

    Working police dogs save police time – find so much by scent and catch the bad guys. A great life for this rescue. Looking forward to updates .

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