In memory of coordinator Hazel Bingham.

Hazel known to most  by her screen name Glynafon has sadly passed away peacefully after a long illness at 4pm Sunday 19th November.  We shall always be in debt to her for the many years spent helping dogs  get reunited with their owners. …I used to call Hazel eagle eye as she had an uncanny ability to match dogs some times after many years and from photos I would never have been able to match.

Every possible match we would always send to Hazel first and she would then contact owner if she thought it could be their dog.  Over the years she never gave false hope to owners and if she thought it could be their dog it was!

Hazel brought so much happiness to both the owners and their dogs  and I know you will join me in saying what a wonderful woman and she will be missed greatly.

I will send the blog link to Hazel’s son Simon who can show his father  Tony  and the family.

The lovely photo of Hazel shows her with her 2 dogs Pippin and Pixie…Pixie will be there to greet her at rainbow bridge.


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