HQ update.

Still no internet or phones….Unfortunate to have a dropped wire on Bank holiday Friday…day 5 now …having to use a Dongle with a mind of its own and a complex new mobile phone.


Why cant a phone be a phone? I went to the shop and asked for the simplest phone…just to make and receive calls….And of course asked them to set it up for me…

Take it home and decide to read through the instructions…what no instructions?

Go back to the shop to be told no instructions needed as its self explanatory???

Okay here we go  …How do you switch it on then?

Having established that was told just play around with it….

So came home and played around with it ( as its self explanatory…NOT) …..AAAAAAH….some how I got it into flight mode ( before I had even thought about throwing it out of the window)….had to use the Dongle to get on the internet ( took about 10 minutes to connect) watched some you tube videos on how to get out of flight mode…..Ah the secret is you dont press any buttons…you have to swipe…so I now have a photo gallery full of me swearing at the phone from some very unflattering angles unaware it was taking my photo….( wrong buttons)

Then I almost have a heart attack the thing starts  making this horrendous noise….( must have volume full blast)…..so um need to answer…press on the screen where it shows the phone ringing and it goes off…hang on its back again….press again…ah briefly get a green phone one side and a red the other…press on green no answer…then its off again…oh no its started again….press on red…nothing….

Managed to get phone icon up and it listed the number so called them back….They explained I had to swipe..

Still having trouble with that ….

And then theres the dongle! ah why is everything so complicated.

So between my lines being down and an unfathomable phone and a petulant dongle am managing to get sporadic internet access to keep the datbase going.

A friend finally managed to get hold of Sky via the internet on my behalf to be told the line is fine! He has contacted them back to arrange for an engineer to come out…we all know this is probably not likely to be immediate with a 4 day backlog to deal with.

Anyone have



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