How to order a free puppuccino for your dog at Starbucks

If you’ve spent time in the ‘cute animals’ section of the internet, you’ve probably seen pictures of dogs with their heads burrowed deep inside a mysterious mini Starbucks cup. Those pooches are enjoying a puppuccino, an item on the secret Starbucks menu that pops up all over Instagram. A puppuccino isn’t anything fancy. There’s no coffee or flavoured syrups involved (so you can’t get matching pumpkin spice lattes with your pet, unfortunately) and no special dog-friendly recipe. The drink for dogs is actually just a cup of whipped cream. Easy. As it’s so simple, the puppuccino is something you can get from any Starbucks around the world.

So how do you order it? Handily, that bit’s simple, too. While the puppuccino isn’t on the proper, official Starbucks menu, most people working there will know the drill – so if you ask for a puppuccino they’ll likely know what you’re on about.

If you receive looks of bewilderment, however, don’t panic. Instead of using the catchy term you can just ask for a small cup of whipped cream for your dog. Starbucks will usually hand over a puppuccino for free. We’d recommend repaying them for this kindness by lifting your dog above the counter and allowing the baristas to fuss over them. Unfortunately, because puppuccinos aren’t officially on the menu, you can’t order them through the app in advance or through any delivery service. That’s fine, though, as you can officially make a Starbucks trip your motivation to take your pup for a walk. Fun.

Once you’ve got your paws on your puppuccino, you can hand the cup over to your pooch and let them go wild digging their little snouts into the contents. Make sure you take a picture – it’s all very cute. Oh, and if you’re worrying about whether all this puppuccino chat is safe, don’t panic. You shouldn’t be giving your dog their own cup of whipped cream every day, instead ordering puppuccinos as a special treat.



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