High 5 to the North West crew!

Gosh I knew it had been busy the last 3 days ( by the bags under my eyes)…Here is the breakdown…Between the 1st of June and the 3rd of June Doglost had 161 lost and found dogs reported to us ( okay some were cats and other pets)…these are the    areas that we had most reports in and our wonderful team jumped into help…

North West  52

South East 45

Central 22

South West 14

North East 12

Thank you all… figures can change rapidly over a month….High five to all of you!

Special thanks to the social media team and twitter lady Sarah….

Every report was shared,alerts sent out,put on FB, and contact made with owners and finders.





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    Jan 3 years ago

    Wow !!! 52 in 3 days.No wonder we are all shattered.We have a good team in the North West and work well together.x

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