‘Heroic’ jogger rescues elderly dog from drowning in a canal

A jogger has been called ‘heroic’ after rescuing a drowning dog which she spotted on her run. The woman was jogging at the side of Radcliffe Canal, in Manchester, just before it turns into the River Irwell just before 6pm on Wednesday. She saw a man walking ahead of her and when she got closer, saw a small dog terrified and struggling in the water. She scooped the elderly female Jack Russell out of the water, and shouted to the man as he was carrying a red lead with a collar still attached.

The woman, who does not want to be named, said: ‘I said to him, “Is this your dog?” He initially said, “Yes Nelly, come here,” but the dog was terrified and shaking. ‘As she was so frightened I then said, “Shall I take her and look after her?” and then he said he didn’t know whose dog it was.’ She said two men came past so she explained what happened, and the man she thought was the owner then walked off. The jogger added: ‘She was so cold – luckily I was wearing a hoodie so I wrapped her in it and took her home.

The man seemed confused and vulnerable – so I am not sure what happened but I was concerned for both the dog and the man.’ She then called the RSPCA, who collected the dog from the woman’s home in the evening. Nelly was rushed to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital where she was found to have a tumour on her stomach, but it is not thought to be serious and she will have an operation for it to be removed. The charity is hoping someone may recognise who the dog belonged to, and is keen to speak with the man the jogger spoke to with the lead

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