HAWKWIND – 50th Anniversary Tour – thinking of the dogs!!

Hawkwind are proud to be helping to raise awareness of the ever growing problem of pet theft.
Each day 7.5 dogs are stolen, and on average 28 dogs a day go missing in the UK, which is heartbreaking for the families concerned.
At every gig on our 50th anniversary tour, we will be projecting images and details of lost and stolen pets from each area.
Please take a moment to look at the photographs on the screen, and if you have seen any of these dogs, please get in touch. There are families out there who are just waiting with hope for your call.
At the moment pet theft is not taken seriously in UK law. Pets are treated the same as inanimate objects such as bicycles, mobile phones or garden ornaments..
There is a bill scheduled for a reading in Parliament, when it reforms, that hopefully will change this and get pets recognised as sentient creatures and pet theft treated with the severity it deserves.
For more information on this, please go to https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/244530 and get in touch with your MP to ask him to support the bill.


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 1 year ago

    Thank you Hawkwind…And thank you Karen and Debbie for setting this up.

  2. Avatar
    Victoria Calcutt 1 year ago

    Amazing thank you so much. Our Tilly, a Tibetan terrier has been missing for over a year. Appreciate your support x

  3. Avatar
    Sandra Brown 1 year ago

    What a great way to highlight the lost and stolen dogs and get them out to so many people. Well done Hawkwind!! Thank you for caring x x

  4. Avatar
    Debbie Barnes 1 year ago

    That’s amazing – hoping at least one dog can be reunited because of this but any awareness campaign is fantastic as too many people haven’t a clue how bad dog theft is

  5. Avatar
    nickyb 1 year ago

    thankyou hawkwind soooooo much. thanks to your thoughtfulness andkindness i am sure there will be some very happy reunited dogs and their families

  6. Avatar
    chipie 1 year ago

    This is a great idea there are many families lloking for their lost dogs and Tilly the Tibetan Terrier is one we have/are Following for any news or updates, Thankyou for this lovely getsure and hope that one of your concerts will bring home any of the dogs missing on your slideshow…

  7. Avatar
    Sally Pritchard 1 year ago

    My Alfie went missing on 1st September & we believe him to have been taken. I have posted him on dog lost. There is a Hawkwind concert in Ipswich tomorrow evening & I was wondering if his poster could be displayed. Is there any possibility that you could help me with this.
    Thank you

    1. Avatar
      Sherlock 1 year ago

      No promises …I will see if we can be add to the Albert Hall concert ….what is Alfie’s ID no on Doglost? x

    2. Avatar
      Sherlock 1 year ago

      What is Alfie’s ID no.? No promises but will see if we can add to the Albert hall gig x

      1. Avatar
        Sally Pritchard 1 year ago

        Hi there, that would be so kind. Alfie’s ID is 148075. X

  8. Avatar
    Jan (Majorjet) DL Merseyside NW 1 year ago

    Thanks a million to you all for helping to spread awareness. Great when everyone works together to help and support owners/families be REUNITED with their pets.

    Have a fab 50th Anniversary Tour. 👍👍👍

  9. Avatar
    Hazel R (Sherlock) 1 year ago

    I am looking forward to being there in Bristol on Tuesday 19 Nov and seeing all my selected doggies …..though it might overwhelm me a touch with a tear or two when I see them on screen xx💕xx

  10. Avatar
    Sherlock 1 year ago

    I am looking forward to being there in Bristol on Tuesday 19 Nov and seeing all my selected doggies …..though it might overwhelm me a touch with a tear or two when I see them on screen xx💕xx

  11. Avatar
    Jude Thompson 1 year ago

    Please, can ziggy missing French bulldog from carlisle, Cumbriasince 20/10/18 be included in this appeal please?

    1. Avatar
      Karen Harding 1 year ago

      Jude, can you email me a high resolution photo and ID no, just to confirm and I’ll add to Nottingham if you can get me this tomorrow (20th Nov) please x

  12. Avatar
    Jane Davies 1 year ago

    Please please can you include my cream saluki Ashar…he was stolen 22nd February, 2017…we heard he was taken by travellers and may have been left in North Wales or Shropshire but he could be anywhere…I am just so heartbroken and devastated and will never get over this .
    Ashar’s Dog Lost I.D. is 111981 ….he also has a crime number..

    we live near Cardigan and spoken to Nik several times in Cellar Bar…

    Thank you for any help you can give and it will be greatly appreciated.


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